Mind Dump Monday

-Went to church last night with paint in my hair from priming the ceiling yesterday afternoon.  If anyone noticed they didn’t say anything, so that was good.

– All of the boys have decided they no longer want to wear shoes outside, ugh, their feet look yucky even when they are clean.  It’s annoying me.

– B3 ate lots of avocado tonight, who knew?

– B4 has been pulling up by herself, but she can’t sit down by herself, bummer she’s growing way too fast.

– We have Fun Day at our church this Saturday, everyone is invited email me if you are interested.  Praying we have a good crowd of kids.

– We have every evening this week planned out.  Mowed tonight, priming walls tomorrow, church Wednesday, more priming Thursday and Friday and wood staining.

– Watching an iPad commercial right now and kinda coveting that a little, just a little.

– We’re still down to one fully functioning laptop here.

– Found another restaurant that serves homemade potato chips, other than Hams that closed down, just love those things.

– Haven’t had a Molten Chocolate Cake in a really long time.

That’s all I have for tonight, have a great Tuesday everyone.

3 thoughts on “Mind Dump Monday

  1. I never noticed the primer in your hair, but then again, maybe my brain was too tired from having my hair pulled all day! 😉

  2. I’m sure it’s not the first time that I’ve had something strange in my hair. Funny things was I knew it was there and just didn’t care. 🙂

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