Friday Night Update

Headed to Kmart today at lunch to pick up a new badminton net for Fun Day tomorrow.  I can remember when I was little and going to Kmart was a big adventure.  That place was packed.  There was hardly anyone there today.  A few weeks ago I stopped by there at lunch to pick up some screwdrivers to work on a laptop.  I walked in the store, all the way to the back where the tools are, looked around for a few minutes and didn’t find any, then walked out.  The whole time I was in the store I never saw anyone, no one, not even an employee.  I still like Kmart though.  You can find clothes on clearance for $1.99 and they usually have everything your looking for.  And it is never crowded.

Still waiting on the electrician to come finish everything up at the house.  The walls have been primed.  The bathroom floor is being put down tomorrow.

My brother’s last Spring Football Game is tomorrow.  I hope everything goes well for him.  NO INJURIES

I’m praying we will have a good turn out for Fun Day tomorrow.

I had a meeting across campus this week in the football stadium.  It took almost all I had to not stop and watch baseball practice on the way back to my office.

We are going to the Conservators’ Center on a field trip next week.  Can’t wait, it looks fun!

I’m still a little put off about baseball season being canceled this season.  The boys could care less about it, but I’m sure there are a lot of kids that were disappointed.  I pray next season will go on.

I will be teaching a web design and publishing class next school year to middle and high school homeschool kids.  The sign-up hasn’t taken place yet so I’m not sure how many I will have.  I’m looking forward to it and should be interesting!

My mom’s latest book was released at the beginning of the month.  Go check out her website to see The Library Pages.

Casey and I have been hooked on Words with Friends.  She wins more than I do, but I enjoy it.

We heard a great message Wednesday night on being BOLD!

Great post the other day from a pastor in PA – “If Christians would spend as much time *reading His Word* than they spend *writing on each other’s wall* revival might be viable. ”

I keep going back and forth, laptop – iPad – laptop – iPad – Windows Netbook…..What?!?.  After cleaning a computer last week that was filled with Viruses and Spyware there is no way I would buy a PC again.  Back to iPad – laptop – iPad – laptop.

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