Craig's Bathroom?

Again, David and I have been checking out different products for our upcoming bathroom renovation.  We’ve got a few ideas about what we want to do but I have to admit my style our style is pretty eclectic.  I don’t like things that match, I enjoy mismatchiness.  I like a combination of new and old things.  I like the idea of using items for something other than what they were made for.  Which brings me to what I think is an awesome idea.  I think that we should buy all of our bathroom renovation items from Craig’s List.  How fun would that be!?  We’re always up for a good challenge and I’m sure it would be cost effective. So what do you think?  Can we get everything we need for a bathroom renovation from Craig’s List?

2 thoughts on “Craig's Bathroom?

  1. Grandpa recommends you visit the Habitat Stores in Burlington and in Pittsboro, they have new and used. He also said that he’d be glad to install a Vietnamese toilet for you. He has quite a bit of experience installing those. Love you!

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