A Few Of My Favorite Things

A post where I share things with you a few things that I like.

First up,

Charlie’s Soap, I just love this stuff it works great.  I can use it on everyone’s clothes, no need for baby detergent and it works well for cloth diapers (most detergents do not because they leave too much residue).  Head nod to my aunt for telling me about this stuff a couple of years ago, we’ve been using it ever since.  The best part, it’s a local company from Mayodan NC.

Baby Legs I love to put B4 in dresses so baby legs work great for us.  She can wear her cute dresses with her just-as-cute baby legs that keep her legs nice and warm and comfortable especially now that she’s crawling around.  I also used these for B3 when he was potty training.  Taking pants on and off many times a day took more energy than I had at the time.  He wore underwear and baby legs, worked perfectly.

Fifth Street Books Our local 99 cent bookstore.  Yes, every book is 99 cent!  We read lots of books for school and although I’m a big fan of the library, I like to have a copy to keep of what we read for the future or to look back on for assignments.  I check for our books here first before paying full price on amazon.  It’s great and kinda like a treasure hunt!

Site to Store Shipping I love to shop online but I rarely purchase items in which I have to pay for shipping.  I will search every promotional code to find free shipping.  Anyway, many store now including Walmart.com carry items online that they don’t carry in the store.  Instead of paying for shipping you can get it shipped to your local store free of charge then you just go a pick it up.

Bert’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil I like all Bert’s Bees products but I really love this lip balm.  It’s a great moisturizer and has a wonderful feel and smell.  Again, Bert’s Bees is another NC company so plus, plus .

Hair Bands, Bows, and Hats Etsy is the place where I purchase most of these.  There are tons of Etsy shops that sell them, here are two I like.  Kurli Cues and Southern Baby Boutique

Lastly, chocolate.

Cranberry Raisinets and Dark Chocolate Raisinets Need I say more?  You can even feel good because there’s fruit.  🙂

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