Lions, Tigers and Lemurs..Oh My

Today we went field tripping to the Wildlife Conservators Center.  Don’t think you have exotic animals in your backyard?  Think again.  The Wildlife Conservators Center is actually in Mebane about 15 minutes from our house.  I would link you to their website for you to read more about it but it’s currently down, check it out another time though it’s worth a look

Just a quick summary about the center.  The have many exotic animals ranging from lions to singing dogs, lemurs, and other things that I can’t pronounce correctly.  They’re kind of an animal rest home of sorts.  They have aging animals, animals that have been rescued from euthanasia, and animals that have been taken from improper care.  They initially had no plans to open to the public but they do offer scheduled guided tours now.  You cannot just show up you must have a group and have scheduled ahead of time.

Our guide was friendly and super informed, the kids had a good time but more importantly learned a lot in the process.  Now for some pictures.  *Note these photos are obstructed a bit because of the fencing, but … well let’s just say I’m thankful it was there.

Ever watched the t.v. show Zoboomafoo, well my kids loved it, it’s about a lemur so of course they loved seeing these guys.  B3 kept calling them monkeys.

This soft furry guy had quite a large scary hiss, again thankful for the fence.

This was a strange animal.  They live in trees and can walk down them facing forward, pretty cool.

These guys kept giving B2 the eye.  Wolves were surprisingly very tall.  They walked shoulder to shoulder touching each other.

There were lots of big cats like these (they obtained a few big cats that were pregnant and had about 15 babies at one time).  These are the babies, they’re about 5 years old if I remember correctly.

Now that’s a big five year old!

Over all it was a great trip.  I would recommend this tour to anyone.  You are able to get pretty close to the animals and we saw most of the 100 and some animals that they have.  Just stay behind the fence.  🙂

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