Now for My Favorite Things


Yes, they make the best computers in the world.  Why do I like them?  They just work!  They don’t get viruses or spyware.  I don’t have to worry about device drivers, blue screens or registry edits.  I could go on and on.  If you disagree with this one let me know 🙂


I’m sure you have heard of wine connoisseurs, well I am a soda connoisseur.  I can tell the difference between Coke, Diet Coke, Coke One and Diet Caffeine Free Coke.  If I order a soft drink at a restaurant the conversation usually goes like this, “Coke”  Waitress – “Pepsi?”  Which brings me to my other favorite….

A Pepsi product Mountain Dew.  I also like Cheerwine and Sundrop.  There aren’t many soft drinks that I don’t like.  I can’t drink Mello Yello or Fresca.

That brings me to two of my favorite fast food places – Chick-fil-A and Cookout

And yes, Casey and I have a weak spot for Starbucks dates.

Now onto shopping.  I think I have shared these before, but these are a few of my favorite Internet shopping sites.



News sources – FoxNews and Drudgereport 🙂

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