A Helping Hand

Tonight B1 chopped peppers and tomatoes and cooked onions in preparation for our steak and cheese sub supper.  Thursday he unscrewed and took off all of the receptacle and light switch face plates in order for David and I to paint the walls and yesterday he grabbed a roller and helped me paint.  I tell you this to show that at some point those little “helping hands”(you know the ones that while “helping” with the laundry manage to unfold all of the clothes that you’ve already folded) actually become helping hands.

I do depend on the older guys to help out with things around the house now, some things they enjoy more than others.  But, well so do I.  They regulaly help out with the younger ones, putting on shoes, helping get dressed, buckling into car seats, pushing strollers, etc.  They can even go in and pay bills now, in a few select places, which is a big help since getting everyone out to run in for 2 minutes to pay a bill is quite a hassle.  Their most dreaded chore is probably putting up their hang up clothes, but again that’s probably mine too.

Of course they most enjoy helping out David, my dad, or grandpa in doing more “manly” tasks, but that’s a good thing because after all they will be men one day.  Men that can cook and do laundry mind you.  🙂  Anyway, they are at a pretty crucial age right now for gaining some responsibility.  We, as parents, often have to step back and remember that it’s important to let them help with tasks and teach them to do new tasks.  Yeah sometimes when they are inquiring about a job and we just want to get it done it’s hard to take the time to stop and teach them as opposed to “shooing” them away to go play.  After all if you constantly tell them to “go away” they eventually will go away and not want to do anything.

Like most posts I write this less for you guys and more for me.  We all need a little reminder about these types of things sometimes.  So let’s all remember to embrace those little helping hands now so that as they grow older they really can be a huge help to us.

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