Unfortunalty David and I weren’t too productive with house things this weekend, luckily my mom and dad picked up the slack.  Instead we had a busy weekend but got a chance to reconnect with some friends and it was so nice.  The Dogwood Festival was nice I got to see someone who I haven’t seen since B1 and B2 were little.  It was delightful to see her and of course she had all the B’s attention when she pulled out horse shirts (yes, pictures coming soon) for all of them and chocolate (from Ireland, they keep reminding me) because she’s super cool like that and ya know kids love her.  We also saw lots of other people that we don’t see very often, it was nice to have a quick conversation and I’m continually reminded why I love this place so much.

Later that afternoon we got to spend some time with friends at a birthday party.  The kids bounced and ran around, the weather was lovely, and again the conversation was so nice.  It was a great weekend reconnecting with some people that we don’t get to see often enough.

In other news, if you will, please keep our Pastor in your prayers.  He broke his leg and is going in for surgery tomorrow morning.  Please pray for the doctors who will work on him and for his quick recovery.

I love this picture because I love my husband. And because it’s cool, get it mail and male.  Yeah, okay it’s just me I guess.

5 thoughts on “Reconnect

  1. Glad you had a great weekend!! I bought some chocolate covered cranberries to try just because of you but I’m not brave enough to open the bag. 😉

  2. I’ll assure you that she is reading the blog and was absolutely tickled to reconnect as well! I was thrilled to see how much the kids had grown and how gracefully mom and dad had grown into their roles as parents of four. When I told Rick about B1 not being able to find shirts without skulls and fire and yucky stuff he bolted into action. He was disappointed that he didn’t get to visit since he was busy painting, but he talked on the way home about what a sweet family you had.

    By now I’m sure they’ve busted into the eggs. Who got the hippo?

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