Friday Night Updates

This week has been a crazy one!

I’ve been commuting back and forth from Raleigh for the WWW2010 and FutureWeb2010 Conferences this week.  The conference was a pretty good one and the facilities, The Raleigh Convention Center, is a very nice one.  I edited video of the sessions the whole time.  I was probably the only one there trying to figure out how God would use the Internet in the future to reach more people.

I usually commute west.  The commute east opened my eyes to a new set of bumper stickers.  This educated theory has come to the forefront.  Nine times out of ten when you see a CoExist bumper sticker the person also has an Obama sticker.  You can draw your own conclusions on that one.

I’m using Casey’s new laptop to post this.  I think I have used it more than her.  I should have all the new software installed on it tonight.  I decided on a new MacBook.

I went to Walgreen’s earlier this week to get my dad a birthday card.  I was walking down the aisle to get a candy bar for a snack.  A lady was standing in front of the Butterfingers, which were on sale for .39, stretched her arm to the back of the shelf and dumped all of them in her cart.  She then turned around to me and asked me to go in the back and get another box.  I was pretty speechless.  She finally asked me if I worked there.  My response with a laugh was simply, No mam.

The Indian lady at the conference in charge of handing out shirts asked me if I needed an XXL.  Thanks…..

I stopped in and saw our Pastor Thursday evening.  Continue to pray for him as he is on the road to recovery from his surgery.

Homecoming at church is Sunday.  Everyone is invited!

We walked downtown to get some organic milk from the ice cream shop tonight…..Yeah, we go for the milk 🙂

This week I met two of the people responsible for the inventing the Internet.  One was extremely arrogant and the other was really down to earth.

We received an e-mail this week from work that was sent to all employees and students warning us of drinking responsibly.  Three female students were sent to the hospital last week from alcohol poisoning on separate incidents.  They were found passed out around campus and the highest blood alcohol level was .38  Sad, just sad.

B1 has been “blessed” with my sense of humor. haha

B3 has been singing VeggeTales for the past few weeks.  It is pretty funny.  I find myself singing it in my head during the day.  I pray it doesn’t slip out.  I’m not sure I could explain a blurt out of, “O Where is my hairbrush?”

More work on the house has to be done tomorrow.  Trim work.

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