Homecoming Sunday

I grew up in the same church that we currently attend.  Things are different, people are different, the building even looks different but it’s the same church or church building I should say because we know that the church is actually the people in the building.  There’s not much that I miss about the church I grew up in compared to the  church that we have now (the building has received many updates), mostly just the people.  Of course I miss seeing my smiling Grandpa standing so tall in the pulpit, but I’m so blessed to have our Preacher Jon now.

It’s amazing how such a familiar place can change as you grow up, and it has.  It was a strange transition to make being in the same church in childhood as adulthood.  I feel like it took me many years to grow into my own “place” in the church for this reason.  It wasn’t as hard for David.  But tomorrow is Homecoming Sunday, a time when I’m always flooded with memories of my childhood.  My Aunt Helen’s lasagna that she made every year comes to mind right away, along with her strawberry shortcake (my Grandpa’s favorite).  Yes, I do have memories not related to food!  It was just a joyous time, everyone was very chatty.  It was, and still is, a time to look at how far the church has come (remembering the good and the bad) and you would almost certainly leave with a variety of food that you didn’t come with.  Lots of people brought deviled eggs, but that’s okay I like deviled eggs and you have to love the irony of bringing deviled eggs to church.  I would always fall asleep on the way home, being overly full and all.

I really did love Homecoming Sunday as a child and I will definitely revert back to some of those feeling tomorrow.  What I love best about Homecoming now as an adult is seeing my blessings love Homecoming.  The way that the get all wild eyed looking when Preacher announces it in a service.  I like that they are creating memories that they will take with them into adulthood.  I’m afraid not all kids have good memories of church, I’m praying that ours will.  And you never know maybe one day they or at least some of them will be going to the same church as adults.  But even if they don’t I hope the always remember growing up in a wonderful, Bible believing, truth preaching, loving church like I do.

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