Too Much of a Good Thing

The boys and I picked strawberries last week, we had a great time.  They are pretty well versed in berry picking at this point, we’ve been going since they’ve been old enough to help out.  So, when I suggested that we pick only two trays (one for B3 and I to pick and one for B1 and B2 to pick) they immediatly responsded, “No, we can pick our own trays.”  Sure I thought,  you can never have enough strawberries.  Or can you….

Let me take you on a little culinary tour of what we’ve been eating the past week.

Day 1 fresh straberries (Yum, really? Is there anything better?)

Day 1 (also) fresh strawberry dump cake with strawberry icing (yummy, yum, yum)

Day 2 strawberry yogurt parfaits (still yum, a wonderful breakfast)

Day 3 The boys ate strawberries for lunch, I took a break.

Day 4 strawberry pancakes for breakfast then strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing for supper (starting to tire of the little red gems)

Day 5 strawberry cake with strawberry icing  (ugh)

Is your stomach turning yet?  Yes, I have determined that you can have too much of a good thing.

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