Mind Dump Monday

– All of the B’s are currently suffering from varying degrees of a nasty cold and B3 has been running a high fever for most of the day today.  I try to keep in mind that these things are temporary but it seems all-consuming when the kids are all sick with the extra care that they require.  Praying that this new fever thing doesn’t make it’s way through the whole crew like the cold has.

– Please keep David’s grandma in your prayers, she had a broken hip and had surgery on Sunday.

– Today as I was watching pink lemonade run in my floorboard after a quick turn as I was driving I wondered why they haven’t invented hard flooring for cars.  You know like hardwood or laminate or something that you could just vacuum up and mop, so that I wouldn’t have to forever stare at a pink lemonade stain.  I mean people used to dig the wood paneling, right?

– Speaking of vacuums B4 has decided she’s scared of them.  First she yells at it when I start it up then she wimpers while it’s running a really sad pouty wimper that makes me strap her own in my wrap to finsish.

– And speaking of being scared, B3 is afraid of all sorts of things when bedtime rolls around.  It’s been a struggle the last few nights to get him to go to sleep.

And with that said, I’m done tonight because sleep has been pretty scare around here lately for everyone.  Have a great week.

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