Real Motherhood

I love this photo.  It’s so imperfect.

This was anything but a staged picture.  I was on my way to give B4 a bath when she was just a couple of weeks old.  But this was a real moment even with it’s imperfections.  The lighting is bad, there is a refrigerator, a thermostat, and a carbon monoxide detector in the background,  I have little to no make-up on and my hair looks stringy.  Not exactly the makings of a great photo.

The photo is real to me because I remember why I was snuggled with my little girl while walking to the bath tub.  See hated her bath.  She screamed in the tub every night.  So on the way to the tub I would hold her tight, tell her that it would be over soon and snuggle her gently before putting her in the tub.   And that’s what my dear husband caught in this impromptu picture, while “playing” with our new camera one night.  This is “real” motherhood.  It’s not Photoshopped pictures of clean kids in beautiful settings with bribed smiles on their faces.  It’s what you do day in and day out.  It’s wiping noses, putting on shoes, reading books in funny pirate voices, hugs and kisses after shots, giving stuffed animals “baths” but getting them back in time for nap time, explaining where the dinosaurs went, and reading the Bible with my kids.  Motherhood is comforting an infant that hates a bath with snuggles and kisses.  That’s what motherhood is to me.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “Real Motherhood

  1. Ah, motherhood. It’s all these things you said…’s being constantly exhausted and still able to make it through the day. “Suffering” through Chuggington and those crazy Veggietales songs on the radio. Loving my beautiful babies always!

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