Wayback Wednesday

Farm Tour 2008

If you ever get a chance to participate in a farm tour you should definalty do it.  I’m far from a farm girl myself, but it was interesting to get to see all the workings of a farm and how each farm does things a little bit different.  This farm for instance kept their pigs in a wooded area.

These pigs scared the beegeeses out of B1 when he got too close.

We were able to tour organic farms, farms with all plants and no animals, and farms with lots of animals.

My personal favorite was a dairy farm that sold fresh cheeses, yum!  They had the cool looking jersey cows, to bad I didn’t get any pictures of those.  The boys had a great time and we would definalty do it again.  B2 even got to pick his own eggs out, he was excited.

Oh, and I almost forgot this,

one of the only times that B1 has ever ridden a real horse.

You never know we could have some future farmers here.

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