"Mama, I Nee You"

Ah, this phrase has been used more times than I can count this past week by B3.  He nee(ed) me to put in his Veggie Tales DVD, to fix him drinks, to carry him around the house, and sometimes just to hold him while he perspired profusely in my arms (he’s still feverish by the way, please continue to remember him in your prayers).

I needed my mom this week too.  I needed her help in caring for one sick child and three well children.  I needed her to take walks with me to decompress after draining days this week.  I needed her to listen as I vocalized my frustrations.  I needed her to hold my feverish toddler when I had to be with our other children.  Yes I needed my mom this week just as much as B3 needed me.

But that’s the thing about being a mom, you’re job is never really done. You’re job only changes over the years, it doesn’t go away.  It’s overwhelming to think about in some ways but in others it’s just natural because that’s just what moms do.

I’m blessed to have my mother.  God choose her just for me.  We have a lot of things in common.  We like chocolate, we like the beach, we have naturally frizzy hair, we love sunshine, we love babies, we hate bugs in our house, and there are lots more.  We also have a few differences I say sugar is oatmeal’s only suitible companion, she says it is salt.  She carefully separates clothes before washing, I throw them all in together.  Her phone rings “Hello Darling”, mine rings bells chiming.  She enjoys porcelain Native American figurines, I think porcelain people are a little creepy.  There are a few more,….just a few.  But hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

Thank you mom for being my mom.  For living with my imperfections in years past as well as now, for helping me to figure out who I was and not forcing me to be something I wasn’t, for teaching me how to be a mother and wife, for raising me in the way God said even though it wasn’t popular, and for loving me even when I was hard to love.

And just for the record, “Mama, I still nee you”!  I love you and Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day and sit back and prop your feet up for a few!

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