Mother's Day and Why I Have Purple Toenails

My Mother’s Day started yesterday with a lunch with some of my favorite mothers.

They look gorgeous right?  We had great conversation, lots of laughs and reminiscing about the past.  We left with a promise to do this more often, get together that is.  Mom and I left with these beauties.

I received my gifts from the kiddos last night since Sundays are super busy for us.  I just love this.

How ingenious to use an old thank you card, that crafty B1.

B2 picked out a special gift for me, declaring that he “knew exactly what I wanted”.  That is why I currently have purple toenails.  Who knew?  Well apparently he did!

B4, she just gave me some slobbery kisses.  I couldn’t think of a better gift.

I also scored this awesome gift from my dear husband, he knows I like to keep my babies close.

But the best gift I have to say is that B3 has been fever free for most of the day today.  Praise God!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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