Mind Dump Monday

– B1 and B2 had their end-of-year tests today.  Homeschooled kids in NC have to be tested at the end of the year.  The test scores are for the parents knowledge only, you do not have turn in the scores but you must have them tested nonetheless.  You may choose from a variety of national tests, whichever one suites your family the best.  The kids didn’t get too worked up about it and they actually left saying that they had a good time.  They done well and we’re good for another year.

– B3 has been fever free all day today, praise God, thank you for all of the prayers.

– Friday is set to be our last day of school.  More accurately that is the day we will be finished with our curriculum.  We actually end of doing “school work” of some sort throughout the summer.  But they like the anticipation of the “last day” so I will try to make it fun for them.

– B4 has her 9 month check-up tomorrow.  No shots at this appointment, thank goodness!

– Our addition is well on it’s way to being finished.  Here’s a little sneak peak.

– I registered for a digital photography class yesterday, I will start in a week or so.  I’m excited and hoping to learn lots.  Oh, yeah it’s all online and it’s only 6 weeks so I don’t actually have to go to class.

– B2 likes to wear camo, I don’t like for him to wear camo but he doesn’t care.  This seemed appropriate the other day.

That’s it for this Monday, have a great week.

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