Post Number 300

Isn’t the Internet great?!?  I am asking and telling at the same time.  It is both helpful and scary.  You can find pretty much anything which is what makes it such a resource and a threat.  I have had blogs and sites in the past; football, apple support and some others.  However, none have made it anywhere near 300 posts.  Admittedly, Casey has picked up my blogging slack lately and I am grateful for that.  My hiatus is over and I will get back in the groove.  It has been great to see her excitement in photography and reading her thoughts.

That brings me to the Internet.  Any crazy can post something on the Internet.  Again, that is what makes it great and creepy.  Our minds were once shaped by those who controlled the television, the paper and the airwaves.  Now we can go and research on our own and find our own news.

I continue to be amazed at how people find our website and where they come from.  We have had over 6,000 people come here from 20 different countries and 42 states.  How would this have been possible 20 years ago?

Here are what people searched for to find our site:

raise the roof snuggie commercial, eulogy for piggy, can’t feel my foot, blessing for chefs, cowboy Christmas blessing, pacifiers for grandparents, hungry goat limerick.

All that to say, thanks for reading and we look forward to many more posts!

We have a page on Facebook for our site.  Check us out! Not sure what for yet, but I wanted to test it out 🙂

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