Patriots' Day

We headed out to Alamance Battleground today for the 239th Anniversary of the Battle of Alamance.  I read that they would have some demonstrations and show what it was like living in colonial times.  When we walked up the captain was explaining about the workings of a cannon and the duties of the cannon team.

I warned the boys that it was going to be loud when they fired it.  The captain went through his explanation and yelled, “Fire!”  Wait, wait, wait….nothing.  OK, just a miscommunication.

“Fire!”  B1 jumped back and B3 hid behind me.  B2 stared in amazement.  I could see his brain working to figure out how to build a cannon.

We walked around the camps and watched the blacksmith make tools and such.  We headed back over to the candle maker camp.  She had an open fire with a pot of beeswax over the top.  She was giving out a stick with a string tied on the end.  The boys dipped the string in the beeswax pot, pulled it out and walked around for it to cool off.  Repeat until the candle is the size you desire and you are done.  B1 admitted afterward he thought the lady was frying green beans.

Next, we headed over to the house where a lady was cooking.  We stepped up and “POW, POW, POW”  the musket demonstration was going on.  B3 jumped off the steps startled.  We didn’t stay in there long it was HOT!

Next we stopped at a table that had Colonial toys.  It was pretty interesting and a long way from the XBox and Wii addicted kids of today.

The headmaster and the doctor were up next.  The doctor had his “tools” on the table.  A butcher’s knife, a saw and a large set of pliers.  Wow, I think that would have been a bad trip to the doctor.

We headed back to the car and headed home to finish up some work.  I’m sure we will be back soon to look more into the battle, the regulators and the militia.  The boys were intrigued and wanted to learn more!  Yet another locla trip that we can add to the list.

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