May Monday Mind Dump

Back by popular demand….or Casey’s demand. 🙂  Either way here is the mind dump Monday.

The sun room is done! We should be done with everything else inside soon.

I’ve been preaching on Sunday nights until our pastor is better.  Continue to pray for him!  Someone asked me yesterday at lunch what I was preaching on that night and I told them “Negotiating with God.”  B1 responded, “Oh daddy, I want to learn how to do that!”  Sadly, we don’t have to learn it is pretty much ingrained inside of us.

I find it intriguing that we can put a man on the moon, build a hybrid vehicle and master satellite technology, but we can’t plug a hole at the bottom of the ocean spewing out oil.

The city that we live in has had a murder, a train wreck and a bowling alley open up within the last few weeks.  It may not sound like much to most of you, but believe me this is a lot.  Casey and the boys took a walk the night of the train wreck and lawn chairs lined the downtown streets with people watching the clean up of the wreck.  Yeah, picture that….

We have one week until our state homeschool conference.  So much to get ready for!

I fed B4 for the first time last week.  I missed that….not the 3am feedings, thanks honey!

I get e-mails from some pretty different people at work.  Today I got a question from an Olympic luger from Bermuda.  In the past I have corresponded with a cast member from The Real World, an actress on One Tree Hill and Queen Nor of Jordan.  Not to mention all the long lost family members I have in Africa that want to leave me all their money.  I just have to send a few thousand dollars first.

1 month left until VACATION!

We are looking at another vacation at the end of August – early Sept.  Any suggestions?

Casey starts her photography class on Wednesday.  I’m anxious to see the results!

The boys are signing up for their summer 4h camps tomorrow.  B1 has his heart set on a day long horse camp that is $50.  Hopefully it won’t be full by the time they get to sign up.  He also wants to sign up for a piano camp.

I still think the boys should team up with their Uncle Ricky to start a kid’s band.  Think Wiggles, Doodlebops, Laurie Berkner, Hip hop Harry.  I would offer to do the website and be business manager. haha

B2 can pretty much intimidate any VeggieTales character.  I’m hoping to get them on video soon so that we can share.

I had one of the Frapes at McDonalds on Saturday.  Not bad.

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