What's the Bible?

Casey and the boys met me and the park yesterday for lunch.  Casey brought lunch, I ate, the boys played and she took pictures.  The weather was great!  We hit our normal spot and they were getting the fields ready for baseball games that night so we went to the park area.  There were only a couple of other kids on the playground so the boys had free reign.

B2, who is a social butterfly, quickly made a friend with a little boy who was running around.  After running around for about five minutes this conversation took place within earshot.

B2 – “Hey I’m B2, What’s your name?”

Jacob – “My name is Jacob”

B2 – “Jacob, like the boy in the Bible?”

Jacob – “What’s the Bible?”

B2 – “It’s God’s Holy Word”

The conversation carried over to the swings out of hearing range.  Yes, I was grinning from ear to ear looking at Casey.  That grin quickly turned to conviction at how easily and quickly B2 shared with his new friend.  Who had I shared with today?

God opens doors everyday for us to share with others.  Share his love, blessings, grace, mercy, long suffering…. the list goes on and on.  Do I have all the answers?  No, but I do know the One who does and I would love to introduce you to Him.  If I follow Him will He let me in on all the answers?  No, but you will learn to put full trust in Him.  Is my life perfect?  No, but I do place my hope and trust in Christ Jesus and know that He IS, HAS BEEN, and WILL be in control!

Are you going through a tough time at your job, in your marriage, with your kids tonight?  Seek help from Him!  Why not go straight to the One with the answers?

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