In Preparation

Thursday of this coming week David and I will be heading to Winston Salem for the NCHE Homeschool Conference.  This will be our third year attending the conference.  It’s a three day event (Thursday – Saturday) but as usual we will only stay one night so we will attend sessions on Thursday and Friday only.  That means….you guessed it we will stay overnight by ourselves in a hotel all alone with no kids all alone by ourselves!  At least that’s the plan, we’re praying that nothing comes up.  It’s exciting, really.  We haven’t been without the kids at night since B4 was born 9 months ago.

Doing a little happy dance at the thought….

Now back to the conference.  The conference is truly a blessing for us.  It’s a refreshing and renewing time.  We’re able to hear some remarkable speakers talk about homeschooling, parenting, marriage, and faith.  We’re able to be surrounded by people that are in the same boat as us and who can totally relate to our concerns and passions related to educating our children at home.  It will be a whirlwind.  As excited as I am to be able to get away with just my husband the truth is we will be busy the whole time.  Being in sessions together, spending time in the vendor area (looking at, flipping through, and purchasing new curriculum), grabbing a bite to eat when we can, and crashing late at night with our brains overflowing with information, that’s pretty much how it goes.

We’ve spent this week doing prep work to make this trip a successful one. Researching some curriculum that we want to see in person, deciding what classes to go to, and making arrangements for the kiddos while we’re gone.  B4 has been prepped the most this week.   We’ve been trying to get her used to drinking breast milk from a bottle (it took her a little bit but she’s gonna be just fine) and we even moved her out of our room and into the new empty room to see if she would sleep through the night, which she had only done once prior to.  And guess what?  She has!  She has slept through the night for two nights in a row!  The first night I didn’t sleep too well not sure if I would be able to hear her crying but last night I crashed and got a full nights sleep!  It was nice and I’m optimistic,  but aware that there’s no guarantee that it will be the same tonight.

So, prepping we will continue to do and praying too that everyone will be okay and things we run smoothly while we’re gone.  I know that they will but being away for even 24 hours is a big deal for us.  Tonight enjoy a couple of photos of our little sleeper herself!

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