CSI Miami

Casey has been taking some wonderful pictures lately.  I think she is going to enjoy her class.  She asked me to download some presets to go into her photo program the other night.  We looked at around 100 before and after pictures and chose the ones we liked the best.

One really caught my eye for a couple of reasons.  Number 1, the name of the effect was CSI Miami.  I like to watch CSI Miami if I can catch it on tv for a couple of reasons.  I like the cinematography of the show, the scenes, the color, etc.  I also like the cheesiness of the one liners and the sunglasses, pretty funny.  Number 2, the effect was just plan cool.  It seemed to work the best with beach pictures.

Here is an example:


After CSI Miami

I secretly think that Casey wants to go to the beach so she can take pictures, shh….don’t tell her.

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