Simple questions and observations tonight.

approximately 201 million people in the US

22% of those people attended church on Sunday

44.2 million Americans attended a church on Sunday morning

around 74 million votes cast for last year’s American Idol winner

How many of those 44.2 million people who attended church on Sunday actually attended a church that preached the Bible?

Are we a people that are consumed by entertainment, tv and reality shows or Jesus, the Bible and helping others?

Are parents more concerned with their kids growing up and making money or growing up and making a difference?

I had to sit in a presentation a few weeks ago with a technology “expert” telling everyone that parents should nurture a relationship with their child and another adult.  Call me crazy but I think parents should be the closest adult to their children.

Can 1 person really change the world?  Can 1 person change a country?  Can 1 person change a state? Can 1 person change a county?  Can 1 person change a city?  Can 1 person change a church?  Can 1 person change a workplace?  Can 1 person change a family?  Can 1 person change?

Now ask those questions from last to first.  It seems a little more possible that way!

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