Faces, Feet & Hands

As you are reading this we are probably in a hotel room staring blankly at each other scouring curriculum catalogues and praying that our children are not driving their Maw maw crazy.  Or maybe not, or maybe just some of those things but either way I can assure you that as much as I like blogging I’m not spending our night away doing that.  This is pre-recorded.

I’ve been taking lots of photos this week for my class.  My assignment for Wednesday was to practice photographing faces, feet, and hands.  Faces I can do and pretty much always do.  Feet and hands were a bit more challenging just because I’ve never really spent much time trying to get good photos of hands and feet.

We share our photos in class and people can tell you what they like and give suggestions if they see room for improvement.  But like other things photography is all about what you like.  There are some helpful guidelines to follow that help you get more visually appealing shots but for the most part you just go with what you like and what your clients like if you’re doing it professionally.  Speaking of that there are some professionals in our class which kinda surprised me, but it’s been nice to see their shots compared to people just taking photos for a hobby.  We actually have a great mix of people in our class with a varying mix of equipment.  Some have standard point and shoot cameras, others have SLR cameras like ours, and some have tons of additional equipment that I will never own because I have no idea how to use.  Overall I’ve seen some great photos using all kinds of different equipment.  I’m pretty much convinced it’s all about the person behind the camera and not so much about the camera itself.

It’s been nice being able to just grab various children (whomever is awake and in a good mood) to use for photos, a bonus to having all of these kids in this house.  Here are the photos I turned in for this assignment. Can you tell which I was trying to focus on in each picture?  Hopefully it’s not hard, otherwise I….um…didn’t do so good.   🙂

That’s it for tonight.  I should really come up with a good sign off, I’ll think about that.  Hopefully we’ll be back tomorrow in real time.

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