The conference was great!  Two days of non-stop information and a packed book fair with home school moms pushing for the best deals.  We did manage to buy our curriculum for next year and attend some great sessions with excellent speakers.  The conference usually draws around 20,000 people from all over the state that home school, have home schooled or are looking to home school.

One speaker challenged everyone to go away from the term home school and adopt “family discipleship”.  He also posed a question, “What do you wish you knew before you got married?”  Answers from the audience included, how to cook, how to manage money, how to be a better spouse, you know life skills types of things.  The speakers response was why didn’t the schools teach us this?  Why didn’t we learn this from Chemistry?  That was a great session by the creator’s of the curriculum My Father’s World.

Another session we attended was focused on teaching our children to think generationally.  This seemed to be the theme this year.  We shouldn’t just teach our kids to a goal of graduation and not worry about them after that.  Will our kids still be in church when they reach 30?  Do they know their math book better than the Book of Proverbs?  We don’t want our kids to be Uneducated and Godly or Educated and Ungodly.  We want them to be Educated and Godly.  What is going to matter 100 years from now?

He started the keynote off on Friday morning with a top 10 of why we home school.  Here is his top 10:

He was very high energy and informative.  I have been working on a message about generational thinking in the Bible and God has allowed me to finish it up.  If the Lord continues moving in that direction it will be what I preach next Sunday morning.

The conference was great overall.  Good speakers, great company, delicious food, and busy but much needed alone time for the principal and teacher!

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