I Challenge IT

My heart has been troubled for some time now.  You know how you get these things on your heart that just won’t go away.

I feel like I fight a battle daily that I always lose.  No matter how enticing I am I simply can’t compete with cartoon figures jumping, fighting, racing and dancing on the screen.  I am about as interesting as a turnip beside the fast action, the colorful images, and the funny voices.  For this reason it has become my nemesis.

A simple request, “Please help your sister she’s stuck under the table” or “Please run downstairs and get me some more paper towels” is either ignored or possibly not heard because of itIt puts my children into trances.  It claims to teach them yet when they are in front of it I think I can hear their brains turning to mush.  It promotes activity yet they sit completely still when they watch it.  There is also the problem with what it brings into our home.  Of course we have young kids so we do closely monitor what is watched but even at that there are commercials and topics that I find unsuitable on practically every channel.

For this reason, I’ve decided I despise the television.

Today I challenged our family to go one month without watching television.  I emphasis the word challenge because that’s what it was, not a demand, just a challenge.  They could accept or refuse everyone had a choice.  Everyone accepted.  The only exceptions being family movie nights, or approved DVDs at approved times.  No television shows, no having the T.V. on all day, no going downstairs and watching T.V. when you have nothing else to do and no television watching for David and I after the kids go to bed.

I’ve set the challenge and I’m praying that the it yields some interesting results.

I’ll leave you with one thought that I heard a few years ago that challenged my heart then and still does when I think about it.

When determining what your family will watch on television think in these terms.  If you wouldn’t let it (person, thing, topic, language, picture) walk through your front door, you shouldn’t feel comfortable with it being on your television.

T.V. alternative #1

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