Mind Dump Monday

I’m taking a break from Googling Curly Layered Bob to give you a little Monday update.

– I’m headed for a haircut tomorrow, thinking I might want a Curly Layered Bob but I can’t really find a picture of one and my description and hand gestures may just not be enough to get me what I want.

– David, I, B1 and B2 spent about an hour listening to these yesterday, amazing, I never knew NC had some many different dialects.

– Thanks to everyone who came out to my Thirty-One party tonight.  I had a great time visiting with everyone.

– Beach in 2 weeks, Woohoo!

– Our No T.V. challenge is still going strong, the kiddos missed it for about a day and haven’t said a word about it since.

– B1’s sleep walking has gotten rather consistent the last couple of weeks.  Last night he walked down stairs to ask us “Will they be nice to us?”  He was asleep the whole time.

Okay that’s it for tonight it’s been a long evening.  Have a great Tuesday!

One thought on “Mind Dump Monday

  1. We had a lot of fun last night! Thank you for having us – and for your wonderful husband watching my little man! He went to sleep as soon as we got home!

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