My web site is gone?

I received an e-mail from our Help Desk yesterday morning that said someone had lost access to edit items on their web site. I didn’t think this was unusual because I had cleaned up some permissions a few weeks before. I had probably just deleted the account that was associated with the folder.

I typed in the address and it came up with an error. Hmm, I tried another address that went to the same site. Still nothing. I logged into our system and the folder was no longer there. I checked the e-mail from the Help Desk again and it was sent in from a student worker in that department.

I called the extension and told them I needed to talk to someone about their website. The girl who answered told me she was the one who called in the problem. Here is how our conversation went from there.

Me: “I see the folder is gone, what happened?”
Student: “I clicked create folder and it didn’t do anything. Then I clicked delete folder.”
Me: “OK, did it ask you if you were sure if you wanted to delete it?”
Student: “Yes, it asked me and I was sure I wanted to delete it.”

Luckily, Google came through and had a cache copy of all the pages that were in the folder. It took an afternoon to get everything back up and running, but everything is good now.

How many times do we have that conversation in our own heads? I’m going to do _____! Do I really want to do ______? Yes! You can insert your own scenario in the blank.

There are a lot of terms used to describe the “Are you sure” in computer speak. We call it a validator or seeking validation. How many times a day do we seek validation from either an external source or internally? I’ve said it before and stand by it whole heartily, we can talk ourselves into anything. Simple thought for tonight, stop trying so hard to get validation from an external source!

Seek validation from Christ!

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