Picture crashing

We are getting ready to go live with a new website for our office. All of the people in our office have been getting their picture taken in different areas around campus. Some have included at the football stadium, in front of one of the oldest buildings, the racquetball court, and one of the intramural fields.

I chose getting my picture taken in the new tunnel that just opened up under the railroad tracks. I told the photographer I was ready for my glamor shots and we headed out for the tracks. We took a couple of pictures on the stairs:

I had a hard time getting my picture taken, it just felt weird.  Then we headed down into the tunnel.  The sun was very bright and our photographer wanted to get one with the shadow behind me.  We took a few shots and then out of nowhere someone decided to crash our photo shoot.

I stood still the entire time and I was grinning from ear to ear.  How can you not laugh?  Of course you know what shot they decided to use, one of me and the “running man”!  I told them everyone would think that it was just two shots of me side by side, haha.  My boss told me everyone would think it was me dreaming……  Thanks!

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