My First "Photo Shoot"

Today I put my recently acquired photography skills to action.  It was my first “photo shoot”, okay it was really just me practicing taking pictures of a good friend but, whatever.  I’m still learning a lot about lighting, positioning and so forth so it really was excellent practice.  Anyway she is pregnant and beautiful so it made the task quite easy.  We didn’t have a fancy location or any great props but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve worked on so far and I’m hoping she can find a few that she really likes. I like the idea of remembering pregnancy through photos and wishing that I would have had some taken myself.

I’m no professional nor do I ever plan to be but I’m definitely enjoying photography as a hobby.  ‘Cause ya know sometimes when you stay at home all day with kids it helps to have a hobby to help clear your mind on occasion.  So a big Thank You to my dear friend, she’s a trooper, even when I made her get on the trampoline (no I didn’t let her jump).  I’m only giving one sneak peak because technically I didn’t ask her if I could share, but this one I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.  Happy Weekend!

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