Tonight I thought I would enlighten you guys with some recent conversations/phrases with the B’s, enjoy.

-B3, since moving into a house with 3 floors, has taken it upon himself to name each floor accordingly so that everyone will understand what part of the house one is referring to.  For example if he would like to go play on the top floor, that’s upstairs.  The main floor, second floor, is downstairs.  But, if he wants to play in the basement that is down downstairs.  It took us a while to figure it out, but now that we all understand it works.

– B1 was inquiring today about what happens when a robber breaks into your house when you are there.  After a quick explanation on the fact that most robbers don’t want anyone to be home when the break in for fear of getting caught, B1 was struck with an idea.  “When I get a house I’m going to make the outside of the house look like it’s falling apart and keep the inside really nice so that no one will ever want to break in”.  What can I say?  He thinks like his daddy.

– B2 was so intrigured with our new GPS system yesterday that he insisted on holding it during the entire trip and matching the street sign as we passed them.  In one moment of awe I heard “This is a smart little bugger”.

– B3 has a bit of a voice modulation problem, just like B2 did at this age.  When he was being exceptionally loud one day I asked him to please stop, because he was very loud.  His response, “I not loud momma, I funny!”

–  Apparently B1 was “right eyed” by someone in a restaurant the other day.  I’m guessing that means someone looked at him odd, though I can’t say I’ve ever heard that expression before.

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