Man vs. Beast

I’ll set the scene.

It was about 6:00 pm, supper was over, kids had gone outside, and David was just starting in on a story about work when he was interrupted by the dreaded words of B1,  “There’s a snake!”.

After examining the situation outside he reported back something to the effect of “Ugh, I’ve gotta go kill a snake.”.  My initial thinking was that this probably wasn’t necessary, being certain that said snake was somewhere deep in the yard or at the creek and knowing that is was a harmless black snake at that.

I was wrong, at least about it’s whereabouts.

At that point, as David was scouring for his weapon of choice, I went to take a look at what all of the commotion was about.  There was B1-3 with my mom standing on the bottom of the porch stairs giving a mean right eye to a rather large black snake at our garage.

Still somewhat unimpressed by the whole thing I ventured back inside to finish feeding B4 her supper.  After she finished we walked out to see “the standoff”.  My dear husband, still in his dress clothes, holding a machete, a metal rake, and hard stare at the enemy.  The enemy, who at this point was curled in a tight coil with head held high and hissing.

It was soooo time to get the video camera, which I did, and is why I missed the next part.  The part that apparently included David hurling a matchbox car at the totally ticked snake hoping to make him flinch.  He did not.

What ensued next was a great deal of chasing, dodging, ducking, and wrangling.  Okay, not really, but he did manage to take a good whack at the raging reptile.  Turns out though that the machete was so dull it probably only succeeded in giving the beast a headache.

The ending to this merciless battle is what I arrived back in time to video.  *Note viewer discretion is advised, especially if you are fond of snakes and do not shriek at the mere mention of them but instead hoard them in your yard to eat larger, nastier creatures (yes I know you’re out there you strange people).  Also the lighting is bad because the camera became fogged up when I pulled it out of it’s case, but you’ll get the picture.


Well, I’m happy to report that B3’s matchbox car survived being tossed in with the savage creature.  As for the snake there were no sad farewells much unlike the squirrel a few weeks ago who, out of no faults of ours, met his demise in our yard.  Only a “This one’s for Adam and Eve you serpent!”  Nothing like a little trash talk for a dying snake.

I know you’re glad I shared, your welcome.

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