Earlier tonight as I reflected on this week the first thing that came to mind was something like “Ugh, it’s been a tough one”.  But I was reminded tonight by some wonderful preaching about how short our lives really are.  But we all know that right?  We hear it all the time?  But tonight, for me, it really started to sink in.

I’m not living my life like it’s short.

Instead I’m living my life like I will be here forever.  I’m putting off things that will make an eternal difference.  I’m not pointing everything in my life to God.  I’m not giving Him the glory for everything in my life all of the time.  I haven’t laid it all out and said “Here God, it’s yours anyway, please take it and make it do something for You”.  I don’t share His grace and mercies with everyone I know.

And as for these tough weeks.  You know the ones where everyone is healthy, we have all of our needs met, and there is not one bad thing that has happened that will matter 100 years from now.  Yeah, they don’t seem so tough.

This post tonight was for no one but me.  See I reflect more effectively by writing.  My simple prayer tonight for us all, is that God will help us to live this short life doing His work and praising Him for all that He does for us.  Happy Friday everyone!

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