The View From Here – Part 5

Well, our time here will soon be over.  It’s pretty bittersweet!  We’ve loved this vacation, every minute of it, but we know that it’s time to get back to the real world soon.  As much as we would like to stay until they literally kick us out of this place, we’re actually leaving a day early.  This is strictly a strategy to make our trip home a little more bearable.  It will be easier to get out and on our way if we leave before everyone else does on Saturday morning, which is the check out time for all of these houses in this area.  Please keep us in your prayers as we make our way back home tomorrow evening.  Tonight I’ll share one last picture even though we have tons (over 1200 actually).  I’m sure you’ll see more soon.  Happy Friday everyone!

One thought on “The View From Here – Part 5

  1. Stay there! Your photographs are wonderful. It’s hot and yucky here. Just stay there in all that peacefulness!

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