Back in our own beds

We made it back tonight around 6:00 after a stop to wash the car and pick up some Mexican food.  Business Idea #430, open a Mexican Restaurant on the Outer Banks.  You have to face the reality of coming home when you start packing.  It isn’t as much the fact of coming home, but the fact of washing and putting things up when you get back.  Luckily we washed some clothes before we left the beach so most of that was taken care of.  There was a tense hour when we got back when B1 thought he had left Bill, his stuffed bear he has had since he was born,  in the bed at the beach house.  There were some tears, then he was ok with it, then he was sad again.  I called the company we rented the house from and left a message for them to call me tomorrow.  He had a moment of excitement when we told him that we had bought an exact bear like Bill a few years after he was born because the shape Bill had gotten into.  Alas, we couldn’t find him either.  Casey yelled from downstairs, Bill had been wrapped in some other clothes and was in the washing machine the whole time.

Unfortunately for B3 the same was not true for his beloved “pah pah” or pacifier.  He lost it around the third day we were there.  He only used it when he would take a nap or at night time, but he had to have it to go to sleep.  He couldn’t find it so we asked him where he left it.  He told us outside so we told him one of the baby horses took it.  Amazingly, he was ok with that explanation and hasn’t cried about it since.  There was some cheesy photoshop done by Casey that showed a horse with a pacifier in it’s mouth for evidence….I know we are bad.  I’ll let her share that picture with you.

It was nice to disconnect from technology for a while though.  I didn’t get on my laptop at all.  The television went out after a couple of nights which was a blessing……at least in my eyes.  We are still on the no tv challenge and B2 couldn’t walk past the tv when it was on.  It was a nice relaxing time and I will post more about our trip later on.  But now I’m off to get a good nights sleep in my own bed!

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