I’ve spent the last couple of days since vacation finishing up some things.  I get great pleasure from completion.  Something about starting a task and seeing it all the way through has always given me a wonderful feeling.

Here’s what I’ve been working on the last couple of days.

1. I finished my photography class.  I took my final exam last night and received a 100, which means nothing really since I was just doing it for my own knowledge.  Anyway, I have some great notes to keep and I learned new things about picture taking so it was definitely worthwhile.

2. I finished up some photos for my sister-in-law from our trip.  We tried to squeeze in some individual and family shots while we had a lovely backdrop.

3.  I finished up reading Raising Real Men.  A homeschooling husband and wife from NC wrote this book, they have 6 boys and 2 girls.  It was a great book.  A great guide in raising our boys biblically.  It was also fun and witty, how could it not be, they are raising 6 kids after all.  A must read if you are raising sons.  Now I’m patiently waiting for my husband to read start reading this book so that we can discuss it.

The one thing I haven’t finished is going through all of our beach photos.  But, I’ll share a few more tonight.  So what have you been finishing up lately?

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