B4 Update

B4, our lovely little girl, was such a delight at the beach.  Tending to be a little cautious about new things I was unsure how she would react to the new things there.  There was no need to be worried, she just went right along with all the new experiences.

I love watching little ones learn about new things, like sand, and how it just won’t go away.

I fairly certain, given the chance, she could have nabbed something with that net.

And the pool!  She loved the pool, splashing and kicking until she wore herself out.

She even slept beautifully in the closet of our bedroom in her pack and play.

I was constantly reminded about how fast she is growing.  She’s got a mouthful of teeth and a fierce bite, just ask her cousin.  She’s still working on the hair thing.

And, this week, she’s gotten really brave and has taken her first unassisted steps.  I’m hoping to have some video soon but every time I get the camera out, she plops down.

Our lovely B4.

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