Land in Haiti

As you probably guessed most of my future posts will be related to Haiti.  Here is a picture of part of the 4 acres that was purchased for the building projects.  The land is just outside of Port Du Paix one of the most impoverished parts of Haiti.  It was this way prior to the earthquake.

I’m getting more and more details about the trip every day.  One of the two groups will be focused on building a center for children with special needs.  There is only one other one in Haiti and it is extremely overcrowded and having to turn kids away.  Two of the team leaders for our trip visited this area a few months ago.  They visited a few of the homes where the children had been turned away.  The parents had the kids confined to boxes, locked in closets and in one case chained to the wall.  That is one part of the mission that we will be doing.  I’m a little unsure on the exact number of people that I will be traveling with.  I will have a better idea Monday because our deposits are due Sunday.

I plan to take the camera if I can clear it by Casey 🙂  Some of the pictures that I have seen have been amazing.  Beautiful land and people in terrible conditions.  There will be opportunities to go door to door to witness to families and I may have a chance to preach.  They speak French and Creole so a translator will be needed.  I will have to start some form of antimalaria medication soon and have to get some shots.  If you’ve read in the past you know about my love affair with mosquitoes.  They recommended insect spray with a deet concentration of 50% or higher.  I think I’ll just see if I can find some pure deet to take with me.  There have also been some pictures of giant tarantulas around that area.  I’ll have to see if I can bring the boys back a pet.

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