Fireworks in Pajamas

What’s that you say? Why yes, we were the family decked out in our pajamas in the old Ace Hardware parking lot. We wanted to let the kids see the fireworks tonight. The start time of 9:40 was way past their bed time. So we let them get their showers, put their pajamas on and we hopped in the Durango.

We pulled into the old parking lot, which was full. We wouldn’t dare go to the Arts Center with the one way in and one way out and get in all that traffic. We were in our pajamas, but we stayed in the car, all six of us in the front seats, with the windows rolled down. At one point B1 stated he loved his family. B2 gave us play by play of every firework that went off. He is reading a book about Pearl Harbor and equated it to the Japanese flying over us dropping bombs. B3 was content sitting in my lap behind the steering wheel sticking his head out the window. At one point in the front seats I found B4’s pajama bottoms.

Everyone had a great time and we headed back home. After we returned home I had to take care of another snake…. My job never ends!

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