The Big 03

Dear B3 on your birthday,

Wow, three years now it’s been since, you, our  little firecracker baby was born!  You were truly a breath of fresh air and blessing from God during, what ended up being, a challenging year for our family.  There are some people that you will only remember from photos as you get older that will forever remember you.  You, with your big smile made their eyes light up at the sight of you.

You’re such a special guy, asserting your own personality more each day.  Loving all things with wheels, sirens, and not so much things that have fur or tails.  You may be the youngest brother but you’re big at heart and can hold your own with your brothers.  You’re such a loving big brother to your little sis too.  You love her, at least most of the time.  I’m sure as time goes on you’ll be her big protector.

You have your daddy’s sense of humor.  That’s a good thing, mostly.  You’re a very funny guy.

My prayer for you this birthday B3 is that you hold fast and that your spirit not be broken only channeled as you grow into a young man.  I pray that you continue to learn about God so that when the time comes you will see what an eternal gift He has for you.

I love you,


2 thoughts on “The Big 03

  1. Happy birthday, beautiful B3! We love you so much and I can’t believe you’ve already blessed our lives for 3 whole years! I hope that you and CJ will be best friends forever and ever and that your beautiful and sweet spirit will rub off on my boys. I love you, sweet boy!

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