Take it and forget it

When I upgraded the software on my phone a couple of weeks ago I had to back up my pictures. Do you remember that commercial from a few years back about the digital camera? Where all the pictures on the camera were complaining because they had been on there for so long. Sometimes that is how I feel about my phone. I look at the pictures on my phone and have totally forgotten about taking them. Here are a few I’ll share with you.

This is one I call, banana dog.  Very original I know.  You never know what you are going to find walking around a college campus.  This would fit well with the skateboarding gorilla I saw at my brother’s school.

Here is a picture of B3 during one of our lunch meetings at the park.  Casey had cleaned him earlier by taking a napkin and pouring some of her water on it.  He decided he would do the same.  The only problem, he had chocolate milk in his cup.

I just think this picture is funny.  B2 in his camouflage shorts and green shorts shimming up a tree.  Who knows what people are going to see when they ride by our house.

This one is from back in February with B4 and her first baby doll!

Sunday nights after church we usually stop by the Wendy’s in town.  It happens to be in the Daniel Boone shopping center.  We usually park in front of the statue to eat before returning home.  Instead of saying let’s go to Wendy’s B3 says he wants to go see Daniel Boone.  Try explaining this statue to someone who has never seen it.  Gotta love NC!

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