Sunday Night Update

It’s been a crazy busy weekend so just a little update for tonight.  We spent most of Saturday doing some major reorganizing of different areas of the house, it wasn’t fun but it was necessary and looks much better now.  The kids went over and above with helping so the will be paid for their extra effort.  Last night held, for David and I, a wonderful date that included a dinner at The Melting Pot.  It was “expensive but worth it”.  Then a trip to A Sea Of Learning that has tons of educational stuff and REI which makes me ponder why people would possible spend so much money on camping stuff, I think I’d rather just sleep inside.

David is still researching and getting ready for his missions trip in a couple of weeks.  I’m thankful for the opportunity for him to go and wish that I could join him, it’s just not the best timing still having a baby under one and all.  I would expect a few more Haiti posts in the future.  The boys and I are going to begin our own little study on Haiti soon to prepare for his trip. We’re still discussing the whole taking our new camera on the trip thing.  I’m sure he’ll end up with it, I would hate for him to miss the awesome photos I’m sure he’ll be able to get.

While David’s head is looking towards his trip, mine is looking towards the beginning of our school year.  I’m in the process of stealing a few minutes whenever I can to get together my plans.  We’re looking to start around the second week in August.  I’m super excited about changing things drastically this year.

We have an exciting week ahead.  We’ve made some plans the boys know nothing about that I hope they will enjoy.  I’m still happy that it’s summer even though it’s hot.  I had great summer memories as a child and hope that my kids will too.

I have some thought provoking posts in my head on things like fear, parenting styles and ways to involve you kids around the house.  So far they haven’t made it past my head.  It’s summertime and my brain knows it.  Hopefully at some point I can sit down and develop these ideas.

Okay that’s it for tonight.  Everyone have a great week!

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