Free Range Kids

We’re back!  No I didn’t just decide to take a break last night, our Internet was down, so I went to bed early.  Now let’s talk about parenting.

Free Range Parenting– Parents who feel like their 7-year-old is old enough to walk to the mailbox and back and maybe even into the library to drop off some books by himself.  They may not have a net around the trampoline and may have a rope tied to a tree instead of a swing set.  There is a good chance that they have no idea when their child obtained those scraps or if Johnny can kick a ball “all the way across the yard every time”.  They don’t cringe or hoover at the playground.  They think the creek is for exploring and should not be surrounded by caution tape.  They think that jumping, climbing, and yes even falling is something that their kids should do. They expect their kids to pick up bugs, small animals, or anything else that looks interesting.  They teach caution not avoidance, how to fall the right way, how to handle those bugs and animals, and how to clean those muddy creek shoes.  They teach how to observe their surroundings, how to be safe around strangers, and how to properly use the lawn mower.  Despite what other may think, they love their children and have the desire to teach them to do things on their own and how to be safe doing them.

Tell me about your parenting styles.

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