Thursday Ramblings

My dad got his passport in the mail today!  No turning back now.  I’ve heard he has been packing for a few days anyway.  He also has a plan for us to eat at Golden Corral before we get on a plan to Haiti.  I guess we will eat enough for a week.  I went to the Guilford County Health Department and got my shots today.  I was referred from my doctor to our county health department and from our county health department to Guilford County.  They have a special International Travel Office.  Everyone was nice there and they had a lot of good information, including 100% Deet would burn my skin off.  I guess I need to test this advice before I get over there.  I ended up getting five shots this afternoon Hep. A, Hep. B, MMR, Typhoid and a tetanus booster and a prescription for my malaria medication and an antibiotic to take with me.  This is one of those things that I don’t really think has set in on me yet.  That I am going to Haiti, a third world country.  It becomes a little more realer every day.  Especially since going and having to get five shots to visit the country.  I continue to look at pictures and read others accounts from their travels to try and prepare myself.  I’m reading from workers on the missionary campus of how day to day life is.  I still don’t think anything is going to prepare me for how life is there.  I found out yesterday that I will be able to take an extra fifty pound bag of supplies with me to donate to the center.  If you are interested in donating any items for me to take let me know.  I have a long list of things that they are in need of.

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