200 Catfish

I took the boys to their 4H camp this past Wednesday at Cedar Rock Park.  B2 had already been to a bug out camp this week.  This camp was the fishing fun camp down at the pond.  The boys had gotten new fishing poles for Christmas and they hadn’t been used yet.  I got the poles out the night before and got them ready to put in the the car the next morning.

We talked about soil and water conservation before the fishing started.  We all learned something the man-made pond, fishing licenses and the most common fish in the community pond.  The channel catfish is what most people fished for in the pond.  B1 and B2 were doing the fishing and B3 and I were making sure things went smoothly.  A lot of the kids there had never been fishing before and it was interesting.  I think I was more of a hook guard than anything.  “Woah, woah  give them a little room”  I could already foresee one of our kids walking around with a hook in their head from a Barbie pole.

The boys had always used the push button kind of poles for freshwater, but their new poles were spinner reels.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take them to get used to flipping the bail.  It only took two casts for them to get the hang of it.  I wish they had some kind of accuracy competition on casting in an area.  They would be pros.

They fished for a couple of hours and didn’t have any luck.  They were fishing with worms and minnows, but I don’t think they even got a bite.  B2 is probably going to be better at artificial bait because he can’t leave his line out there for any period of time.

We had about an hour left in the camp when the catfish truck showed up.  An aquarium on wheels, as they called it, backed in and plopped a hose down in the water.  It had to suck in some water from the pond to get the catfish acclimated to the water.  A few minutes later the fish were ready for the pond.  The man shot a tube out of the truck and started pushing the fish out.  After it was all said and done he dumped 200 catfish in the pond.  It only took 5 minutes!

The kids were ready to catch these new fish.  Everyone gathered around where the fish had been dropped in.  Needless to say, an hour later and no one had caught the newly introduced fish.  We headed back to the car, no fish in hand.  Everyone had a great time, the boys got to use their new poles and they met some new people.  It was a good day!

I’m sure a 10lb fish would have made it better for them……..

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