Our Night In A Nutshell (a post in which I'm too tired to use periods)

-Scored great seats behind home plate at Durham Bulls thanks to sister-in-law’s friend of a friend who got us free tickets

– It was super hot…for everyone else, but we were breezy and cucumber cool under the ginormous fan, felt a little bad that others were fanning while our hair was blowing in the wind

– B2 (while listening to a song that had electric gutar) made the comment “Dad, this song sounds like it has a lot of air guitar in it”

– B1 after reading a handout at the game made the comment “They have real bulls here”, me – “No son I don’t think so”, “Yeah mama they have a bullpen”

– At one point the big fan blew something in my eye

– B1 and B2 made three bathroom trips during one 9 inning game

– B1 repeatedly fell onto the cement when he forgot that his seat folded up when he arose

– It rained, but we didn’t get wet

– Got to see the big bull light up and blow smoke out

– Have to wonder if the Durham Bulls got a two for one on mascot uniforms, who has two mascots anyway

– Got to see the announcer guy in action

– Did not appear on the big screen, bummer

– I think it might be fun to sit in the grass there sometime…, if it had a fan

– I smuggled in water and M&M’s

– I really do like watching baseball sometimes

– Fireworks were the best we’ve seen in a long time

– We could have saved $4 on parking if we owned a Kia

– We only had B1 and B2 with us so I became fidgety from sitting still

– Watched the bulls almost make a comeback

– Had a great evening with family, glad to spend some time with just our older two, and pooped because it’s past midnight

Have a great weekend!

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