10, 9, 8, 7……

It was time for an updated family portrait on my side of the family.  Our last portrait includes only three grandchildren (and some extremely white teeth, but that’s another story) and in the past three years we’ve multiplied a bit, we’re now up to seven.  We attempted this at the beach when we had a beautiful background but it was too sunny and of course we had the foggy lens problem so, although the shot wasn’t bad it wasn’t great either.


after a family birthday supper for my niece Saturday night we decided to make another go at it.  We decided to take it easy this time.  I was almost positive that it would take multiple sittings to get the perfect shot…did I mention there are seven children.  There was no strict dress code this go round everyone just wore what they liked.  We used, for the first time, a tripod with our camera and the auto timer.  It was basically going to be a trial run with the timer, seeing if there was even a chance that it would work.  Normally I would take 20-30 shots attempting to get one usable one but that’s not possible with the timer so I think we took about five, with me running back to set the timer each time and having 10 seconds to get into place.

My guess is the running is exactly was landed us a pretty decent family shot.  The blinking light for the timer, me having to sprint to the group, find my spot, and grab B4 was enough to hold everyone’s attention long enough to get this.

I love that everyone is in their normal clothes, everyone is relaxed because we’re in a familiar place with familiar people, and it took maybe 20 minutes total to get it done.  Sure it could always be better, but I thought all in all it turned out pretty nice.

Now that’s a good looking family!

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