Friday Updates

– We will be busy bees this weekend, lots of things to get done before David’s trip next week.

– Speaking of bees, B1 and B2 have a 4H camp at a beehive next week that sounds totally fun to me ya know as long as no one gets stung.

– Speaking of camps, B1 also has a day long horse camp next week that he’s super excited about.  Speaking of …. just kidding.

– Took all of the B’s to the “big mall” yesterday and we spent 3 hours just walking around doing this and that, it was nice.

– I bought B4 her early birthday present while we were there.

Yep, her first real walking shoes.  Turns out she has a long narrow foot, not sure where she got that from, ahem…moving on.

– I’m feeling ever so much better today than I was earlier this week even though I have 5 days of antibiotics left.

– I saw a man in his 30’s sitting on a bench smoking a pipe and drinking chocolate milk in the 100 degree heat today.  When was the last time you saw someone under 70 smoking a pipe?

– In a moment of sweatiness yesterday on the way to get my haircut I decided to get it cut short and it feels much better.

– B3 has decided he doesn’t like to sleep in his room anymore, so that’s been fun for the past three weeks now.  Three-year-olds can be very determined and I keep trying to remind myself that this is just a phase that will pass.

– B4 has been enduring her share of bumps and bruises as she perfects her walking.

And now I leave you with this,

yeah we like to keep it interesting here.  This has been more of a mind dump than an update but that’s okay.  Have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Updates

  1. Realizing now that I didn’t mention it earlier, oops. Anyway, I’m on antibiotics for Mastitis, feeling much better now.

  2. oh no! Sorry to hear that but glad you are better!!! Did you get my note on FB about why we weren’t there Wednesday night? SO missed it. 🙁

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