Racking Up and Falling Out

After a great meal at home of ribs, because they were on sale at Lowe’s, we headed out to Target to buy donations for my trip to Haiti.  I collected a little over $200 to buy things that are needed.  I’ll post in a couple days with the pictures of all the things I’ll be taking over, with your help!  Thanks so much everyone!

We hit the baby section first and got a lot of stuff.  Then we headed over to the pharmacy area to pick up some vitamins and such.  I had noticed this “kid” wearing some Wheelies I think there called.  You know, the shoes with the wheels in the bottom of them.  This guys was taller than me and looked to be about 16 or 17.  He was zooming pretty fast down the aisles.  My first thought was….that is pretty cool.  Then my grown-up voice took over.  He is going to get hurt.

Anyway, we kept shopping.  We saw some friends and talked to them for a few minutes.  Picked up a few more things then headed over to the toy aisle to pick up some wooden puzzles.

ZOOM, SWISH!  The guy comes flying by Casey, almost knocking her down.


Now, I’m not sure what happened even though I saw the whole thing.  I don’t know if he slipped or if the look that Casey gave him made him hit the floor.  I will say the floor was slippery and leave it at that.  But, I would stay on Casey’s good side 🙂

I ran over to his side to ask him if he was ok. I stood there and made sure he was ok.  Ducked into an aisle and started laughing.  Hey, I might as well be honest.  B3 stood there and watched with his eyes as big as quarters.  I can’t really relay the story like he can.  You will have to ask him about it.

It did give us an opportunity to talk to the boys about following rules and being considerate of others.  I think I’ll take away two lessons from this, Don’t ride your shoe skates in Target or around others and  you can’t escape the death stare.  Maybe three.  Humor will arise at the least expected time…..as long as the only thing that is hurt is someone’s ego.

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